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Real Estate Encyclopedia | Property Law Dictionary | Real Estate Terms | Meanings & Definitions |      Feb 16, 2019
A selection of Acronyms from the Encyclopedia of Real Estate Terms (Third and ONLINE editions)
AAA ratingtriple A rating
AACIAccredited Appraiser Canadian Institute
AARaverage annual return
AARAccredited in Appraisal Review
ABSasset-backed security
a/cair conditioning
ACRSaccelerated cost recovery system
ADC loanacquisition, development and construction loan
AGIadjusted gross income
AIall inclusive
AITDall-inclusive deed of trust
AIREAAmerican Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
AIAAmerican Institute of Architects
AICAppraisal Institute of Canada
ALTAAmerican Land Title Association
AMCAgricultural Mortgage Corporation(Eng)
AMIalternative mortgage instrument
AMLadjustable-mortgage loan
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
AONBarea of outstanding natural beauty(Eng)
APAAmerican Planning Association
APRannual percentage rate
ARELLOAssociation of Real Estate Licence Law Officials
ARESAmerican Real Estate Society
AREUEAAmerican Real Estate and Urban Economics Association
ARMadjustable-rate mortgage
ARRall-risks rate
ARRaverage rate of return
ARYall-risks yield
ASAAmerican Society of Appraisers
ASHIAmerican Society of Home Inspectors, Inc
ASTassured shorthold tenancy(Eng)
ASRECAmerican Society of Real Estate Counselors
a.s.f.annual sinking fund
AVDalternative valuation date (Eng)
BFPbona fide purchaser
BOMABuilding Owners and Managers Association
BPNbuilding preservation notice(Eng)
BRRbook rate of return
Cmortgage co-efficient
CAMcommon area maintenance
CAP ratecapitalization rate
CBAcost-benefit analysis
CBDcentral business district
CCR/CC & Rscovenants, conditions and restrictions
CDcertificate of deposit
CERCLAComprehensive Environment Response and Liability Act
CGTcapital gains tax(Eng)
CMconstruction management
CMAcomparative market analysis
CMOcollateralized mortgage obligation
CMSAconsolidated metropolitan statistical area
COcertificate of occupancy
COREAconstruction operation and reciprocal easement agreement
COScoefficient d’occupation des sols(F)
CPAcritical path analysis
CPIconsumer price index
CPMcritical path method
CPOcompulsory purchase order(Eng)
CRACanadian Residential Appraiser
CNAREACanadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers
CRVcertificate of reasonable value(US)
CTTcapital transfer tax(Eng)
CUcertificat d’urbanisme(F)
CUVcurrent use value
DCFdiscounted cash flow
DCRdebt-coverage ratio
DETRDepartment of the Environment, Transport and the Regions(Eng)
DIMdeferred-interest mortgage
DINKdual income, no kids
DOEDepartment of the Environment(Eng)
DPMdirect-payment mortgage
DRCdepreciated replacement cost
DRMdirect reduction mortgage
DRTdevelopment rights transfer(US)
DPUdroit de préemption urbain(F)
EAenvironmental assessment
ECVeffective capital value
EFRVestimated future rental value
EGIeffective gross income
EIAenvironmental impact assessment(Eng)
EIRenvironmental impact report(US)
EISenvironmental impact statement(US)
EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency(US)
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act
ERPestimated realisation price
ERRPestimated restricted realisation value(Eng)
ERVestimated rental value
EUVexisting use value
EZEnterprise Zone


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